Meet Lynnette.

Lynnette transformed her life with State of Slim.  She learned how to change her eating and work on her mindset and is now living an active lifestyle.

State of Slim Successful Story Lynnette Before and After Colorado Springs Weight Loss Program

What was the problem you were having before you discovered State of Slim?

I was at the heaviest weight I’d ever been in my life.  My blood pressure was high, I couldn’t sleep and I felt bad most of the time.

What did your life look like before you started State of Slim?

Everyday I would go to work and come home and just sit on the couch. I had no energy and was depressed.

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

My doctors told me I needed to lose weight but I didn’t know how to approach it.  I had been on so many different diets in my life, had some moderate success with a few but I was never able to keep the weight off.  I was afraid I would always be unhealthy and miserable.

What was different about your journey with State of Slim?

I gained a new understanding of my relationship with food and finally learned what it means to “eat healthy”.   State of Slim taught me how to examine my motivations, how to reach deep inside and change my mindset to set myself up for success.

Take us to the moment when you realized State of Slim was actually working to solve your problem?

I had lost about 15% of my starting weight, I was sleeping well and I was in a better mood than I had been for years.  My knees didn’t hurt when I walked anymore and ALL of my clothes were too big!

Tells us what life looks like now.

I have become an active person.  I walk to work, I hike every weekend around Colorado Springs, I climb mountains, I ride my bike and work out at the fitness center.  I no longer crave sugary foods but instead look forward to a wide variety of new healthy favorites.

If the new you could go back and give one piece of advice to the old you before you started State of Slim what would it be?

Have faith that you can change your life.  Good things will happen if you trust the process and you will experience a wonderful transformation.