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  • We take a holistic approach to transform both the body and mindset so that you’re primed to stay in what we call a “State of Slim” forever.

  • Class size is small and intimate — we’ve made sure this virtual environment keeps to that so each person gets the individualized attention needed to succeed.

  • You can live anywhere and be part of a group of REAL people who are on a similar weight loss journey as you are. Connecting with like-minded individuals and forming your own Super Friends team is powerful!

  • Transformational kits delivered to your door prior to class, with tangible tools and bonuses to make your journey work for you and keep working!

  • We’re research-based and founded in science by REAL experts – practicing physicians and clinical researchers at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

  • We’re experiential – we make sure you not only learn the theory behind the practice, but you are tasked with experiences to apply them and incorporate them into your life, helping you maximize your success!


Starting Wednesday, April 10, 2024 | 6:00 PM MST

How Will This SOS Essentials Work?

The April 10th SOS Essentials will be a truly unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity taught by Dr. Holly. While this class will give participants the core foundations of the signature State of Slim program, it will be evolving in real-time as Dr. Holly modifies and modernizes the experience. The class will be delivered via ZOOM over a 12-week period (a change from the original 16-weeks). This class of co-creators who will help Dr. Holly mold it into its next iteration is limited to 24 seats.


  • You must have access to a computer with a camera and Internet connection for ZOOM video conferencing

  • You must be willing to INVEST IN YOURSELF – payment for this special 12-week “SOS Essentials” weight loss transformation program is $1250* (includes all the weekly materials, plus shipping, etc.). You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit when you sign-up for class which goes towards your class tuition. A 4-month payment plan is available.*

  • You must be present the first 2 weeks of class and it is highly recommended that you refrain from travel during the first 2 weeks.

  • You must have a digital scale be willing to upload a picture of your scale weight weekly.

  • You must be fully present during the 75-minute live video classes without distractions, on time at the appropriate time.

  • You must have an active Facebook account and be willing to participate in a private Facebook group for team communication.

  • You must attend at least 80% of the sessions. We allow for a maximum of 2 planned absences

  • You must be prepared to get vulnerable and give 110% effort.

  • You must be ready to think differently and get uncomfortable since that is where TRUE transformation happens.

    *The cost for the monthly payment plan is $1350 split into 4 payments of $475 due at registration, $425 due April 20, 2024, $300 due May 20, $150 due June 20, 2024.

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