Meet Bradley.

Bradley started her State of Slim journey looking to change her life.  She was sick of sitting on the sidelines and wanted a fulfilled life.  Bradley has started living the life she has always dreamed of.


What was the problem you were having before you discovered State of Slim?

My weight and lifestyle were holding me back physically and socially. I was distancing myself from people because I wasn’t confident in how I looked or what I could physically do. I had become shy and lonely. I wasn’t happy with my life or the direction I was headed.

What did your life look like before you started State of Slim?

I was focused only on work because it was an area I was successful in. At night I would be at home alone and eating takeout. I wasn’t active, I didn’t have any friends outside of work or family and even them, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time with. I was bored and boring. All these plans and dreams I had for my life weren’t happening and I wasn’t working toward them. Physically, I wasn’t sleeping well, my knees hurt, and I was worried about other health concerns (diabetes) and I was only 29. This should not have been my life!

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

I knew I needed to lose weight and had tried a lot of different programs but none of them worked, or I didn’t stay with them long enough for them to work. I would yo-yo diet and starve myself for a week and then give up and eat whatever I wanted. I felt like a failure and like there was something wrong with me, that I didn’t have enough willpower to lose weight.

What was different about your journey with State of Slim?

It worked, it was doable, and I felt supported through the whole thing. The results I got, instantly but more importantly continuously, made me want to keep staying on plan and working hard. Discovering my deeper WHY helps keep me motivated. The diet plan was manageable, and I didn’t feel hungry. I was only ever a few hours away from a meal and only 7 days away (at most) from an indulgence meal. The support was unlike any other I had felt. My coach was/is amazing and still checks in on me. She took time to understand where I was coming from and helped so much every step of my transformation. The class also made a huge difference. I had people that were counting on me and excited to see me each week. I looked forward to class night every week. Staying connected and becoming friends with my classmates has made staying on track easier.

It’s not just a diet. The combination of diet, exercise and emotional wellbeing sets this program apart. I wouldn’t be as successful if any one of these was missing.

Take us to the moment when you realized State of Slim was actually working to solve your problem?

There have been several and there are still times that I picture myself as the old me and then am reminded of the physical changes I have made. The first time I think I realized that it was working is when I traveled for work, just on my 1stweek of Phase 2 and people already started to notice I looked different. A co-worker said that I seemed more confident and outgoing. To me, that was a more important change than the weight. If a few weeks of this program could make that change, I was going to keep going to see what longer could do.

Tells us what life looks like now.

I am unstoppable. There is very little that I think about and say, “I could never do that.” My dreams are within my reach and now it is just a matter of timing. I have set physical and social goals for myself that I have reach and now I push myself further. I am now seen as the active and healthy friend/sister. I have inspired others to start this program and I am a supportive buddy for many. I am not afraid to fail or ask for help, but I am also so much more confident in my own abilities. I am a doer. I plan activities and try new things. I say “yes” to situations I would have never considered before like dating, public speaking, leadership opportunities and more. I have started living the life I always wanted to live.

If the new you could go back and give one piece of advice to the old you before you started State of Slim what would it be?

Trust the process and give it your all… you won’t regret a single moment.