We Heard You! We Got You!
12 Weeks MORE!


  • You’ve graduated from the 16-week State of Slim program! Congratulations! And you aren’t done yet! You’ve let us know it, and YOU are the reason for this continuation class to help you KEEP LOSING and to give you MORE STRUCTURE for transitioning to WEIGHT LOSS MAINTENANCE.

  • SOS EXTENDED takes you through another 12 classes over a 12-week period of INTENSIVE classes that BUILD on the foundation of State of Slim’s signature 16-week program.

  • The ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT you loved and that helped make you a weight loss success story extends with MORE experiential homework, team challenges, and strategies to help you THRIVE on your own so that you stop the yo-yo once and for all!

  • Coached by our own Dr. Holly, this next class beginning on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at 6:00 pm MST* gives you the smaller sized-attention (only 32 seats total available) and FOCUS (much more so than our SOS ENERGIZED group setting with unlimited seats available).


Starting Wednesday, April 12, 2023 | 6:00 PM MST


  • Only 32 seats are open for SOS EXTENDED. So every individual who signs up must be ready to roll up their sleeves and give 110% to the program. Once you’ve been chosen to be among the participants, there’s no turning back from the ADVENTURE!

  • Over a period of 12-weeks, you’ll participate face-to-face in a total of 12 classes in the VIRTUAL classroom setting powered by ZOOM (so a computer with a camera and Internet connectivity is a must). It’s cameras on! No hiding with Dr. Holly as your coach.

  • Your first class is key to starting off right and lasts about 90 minutes. Classes that follow are 75 minutes and require full participation. No distractions! And not being on time may result in added team challenges.

  • WEEKLY topics take tackling mindset and environment and nutrition to new heights, and you must be present for 80% of the sessions. That means you can only miss two classes with prior permission.

  • You also are committing to WEIGHING daily on a digital scale and submitting those weights weekly by uploading a picture of them to the link you’ll get.

  • COMMUNITY is key to success, so your homework and communications will happen in a private Facebook group. Also, you must agree to be part of a small group for team challenges and more. Getting out of your comfort zone and being vulnerable in this environment and with your team mates is expected.

  • You’ll receive a TRANSFORMATION box prior to the first day of class, following your payment. Payment in full is appreciated. For those who choose our payment plan, a non-refundable $500 is required to ensure that one of the limited 32 SOS EXTENDED seats belongs to you. The remaining two payments of $400 and $299 each are due prior to the start of months 2 and 3. The full INVESTMENT you’re making IN YOURSELF for the 12-week SOS EXTENDED program is $1199 (includes all the weekly materials, and shipping, etc.).

This SOS EXTENDED is designed to help you truly TRANSFORM, and requires you to be OPEN and CURIOUS and FULLY “IN” to experience the weight loss or maintenance success you want.

*For this SOS EXTENDED that begins April 12, 2023 pm MST, note that we SKIP the week of May 31 (in terms of holding class) and then resume the following week

Sign-Up for SOS Extended

Mailing Address: Please provide an address that accepts FedEx delivery.


Because seats are limited, we need you to acknowledge that you would be occupying one of the limited spots that otherwise would go to another State of Slimmer. You are financially responsible for the total cost of the class (regardless of whether or not you complete the program). Please check this box and CONFIRM that you commit to showing up, to doing all of the work, to submitting payment(s) when due, and to fulfilling the requirements as shared above.

*Note, once you click the submit button, you will be redirected to the payment page. Please do not exit out of the browser. Your seat is not held without payment.