We Heard You! We Got You!
16 Weeks MORE!


  • SOS EXTENDED is our 16-week INTENSIVE class to help you CONTINUE after having completed the original 16-week State of Slim program

  • Because you’ve let us know you aren’t yet done losing weight or you need more structure for transitioning to weight loss maintenance

  • You don’t want to lose the INTENSITY, accountability and support you’ve come to know and love in your first 16-weeks of class

  • And you SOARED with the smaller group of 16-20 people you experienced in our signature SOS class and want to continue with this more hands-on and individualized forum

  • SOS Extended is designed to get you ready and give you more skills to THRIVE on your own — from continued weight loss through to weight loss maintenance – so that you stop the yo-yo once and for all!

  • Our next class begins on Wednesday, April 7 at 5 pm TO 6:15 pm MST with our own Dr. Holly as your coach.


Starting Wednesday, April 7, 2021 | 5:00 PM MST


How Does SOS Extended Work?

  • SOS Extended begins where the original 16-week State of Slim program left off and is GREAT for furthering your weight loss OR for transitioning to weight maintenance.

  • We still tackle similar topics such as environment and mindset, but we take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

  • This is 12 classes over another 16-week period of INTENSIVE support in an intimate face-to-face small VIRTUAL classroom setting.

  • The first 8 weeks*, class meets WEEKLY with new strategies and experiential learnings to help you continue your success.

  • The last 8 weeks, class meets EVERY OTHER WEEK and is focused on helping you transition into weight loss maintenance.

  • Total of 12 ZOOM meeting sessions over 16 weeks delivered via an easy-to-use free Internet live video communications classroom called ZOOM. You will become part of a 16-20 person small team, and you will have a dedicated Coach and Assistant SOS Coach.

* For this SOS EXTENDED that begins April 7 at 5 pm MST, note that we SKIP the week of May 26 (in terms of holding class) and then resume the following week. The last class is held on July 28.


  • You must have access to a computer with a camera and Internet connection for ZOOM video conferencing and a digital scale
  • You must be willing to INVEST IN YOURSELF – payment for the 16-week SOS EXTENDED program is $997 (includes all the weekly materials, and shipping, etc.) A payment plan is available.

  • You must be willing to upload a picture of your digital scale weight weekly to your coach. You are not required to share your weight with your team.

  • You must be fully present during the 75-minute live video classes without distractions, on time at the appropriate time.

  • You must be willing to participate in a private Facebook group for team communication.

  • You must attend at least 80% of the sessions.
  • You must be prepared to get vulnerable and give 110% effort.

  • You must be ready to think differently and get uncomfortable since that is where TRUE transformation happens.

The April 7th SOS Extended Class is Full

Please add your name to our waitlist for future SOS Extended classes