Meet Dale.

Dale started her weight loss journey in July, 2014 and successfully lost 175 lbs in 11.5 months and has kept the weight off.  Dale is the epitome of living in the arena.

State of Slim Successful Story Dale Indoor Rock Climbing

What was the problem you were having before you discovered State of Slim?

I have a lifetime addiction to sneak eating, binge eating and junk food eating – which resulted in a lifetime going from fat .. to obese .. to morbidly obese.

What did your life look like before you started State of Slim?

I looked happy and I was happy with all aspects of my life except my weight. I have a great husband, wonderful family, great career, personal health but I was screaming in silence as I was routinely embarrassed by my weight. Any time I was going to a restaurant, I’d wonder if the chairs had arms as I wasn’t able to fit if they did and I’d avoid attending. I acquired an ‘aviation seat belt extender’ as the embarrassment of asking for one was just too hurtful. I purchased ‘double-seats’ when I flew alone for work as one airline seat could no longer contain the mass of my body.

I became a work-alcoholic because I was comfortable in my work environment and while there I found calmness and protected in a safe zone. Work also provided an excuse of ‘having to work’ instead of attending events and outings. I was addicted to junk food and take-out. I would sneak a full meal on the car-ride home, only to get home and have another full meal with my family. In the years before finding State of Slim, I found myself almost daily ordering double take-out meals of burgers, fries, cokes … “one for me and one for my husband”, only that was a lie and I binged on both in silence, disposing of the evidence before getting back home. Literally every time I left my house my first stop was at a convenience store to buy junk food for the car ride. I was out of control and my screaming in silence continued with greater frequency and volume as my weight and lifestyle continued to spiral out of control.

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

My journey was one that I don’t recall frustration being part of my thought process. I was never one to try a lot of diets in my lifetime. I loved the food I was eating and I didn’t want to give it up. The half dozen or so attempts when I tried to lose weight, I would severely cut back on food to lose the pounds and shortly thereafter, I would get so hungry that I would just quit. My entire life, I had never been at an ideal weight so I’d never had a taste of that experience. To justify my lack of trying, I’d tell myself that very few people actually get to their goal weight and even if I was able to make it happen, the chances of me keeping it off were slim to none. Did I like being FAT? Absolutely NOT, NO WAY! But whatever was going on within my thought process – I wasn’t willing to give up on my food addiction.

What was different about your journey with State of Slim?

The program and Dr. Holly Wyatt are the headliner reason why I was able to lose my 175 lbs and keep it off since starting in July, 2014.   State of Slim works on our mind; it teaches us how to control our mindset and once we are able to control our mind – food, exercise and weight loss follow. The program uses visual reminders, inspirational sayings, written journals, goal setting and rewards.

I call State of Slim my three-legged stool. A one-legged stool (controlling one’s food) will only temporarily succeed in weight loss but then it can no longer balance and it topples over. A two-legged stood (controlling one’s food and exercise) will only temporarily succeed in weight loss, but then it too, topples over. State of Slim is my three-legged stool (controlling FIRST one’s mindset, followed closely by food and exercise). State of Slim has the strength and foundation of a three-legged stool and is the only program that builds from the foundation up. The three foundations (mindset, food and exercise) are the focus of State of Slim, without them the stool (weight loss) will topple over yet once again.

Take us to the moment when you realized State of Slim was actually working to solve your problem?

It didn’t take me long to realize I had hit a home-run when I signed up for the State of Slim weight loss program. Never before had I been introduced to the strength and importance of controlling one’s mind during their weight loss journey. I always thought weight loss was dictated by food and exercise but I learned that MINDSET leads the charge. Any previous results were only temporary, non-sustainable successes. Since starting State of Slim, I lost 175 lbs in 11 1/2 months, going from 342 lbs down to 167 lbs. Even though I will on occasion regain a few pounds, at those times I go back to my notes and teachings from that fateful time back in 2014, and I am able to get them back off and return myself to maintaining goal weight.

Tells us what life looks like now.

I am a 62 year-old female – and beyond all the reasons why I would never be successful, I have not only seen success…I have experienced incredible success. I am forever indebted to the teachings of Dr. Holly Wyatt from State of Slim. I have back-packed 45 miles, an 8,000′ elevation ascent in rough terrain, summited the Half-Dome in Yosemite. I have gone horse-back riding; swimming and attended adventure parks, climbing walls and theme parks with lots of roller coaster riding, I enjoy theatre and concerts. I fly on an airplane in one-seat, attend social events wearing the most fitted, glittery dress at the event. I no longer hide in the back row of photos. I’ve gone whale watching via kayak, biked the island of Hawaii, gone zip-lining and now I’m always looking for the next adventure versus the next excuse.

I have become an incredible loving, kind and supportive wife. I was always an incredible and caring Mother and in hindsight, I now see that I was often a complaining and negative. All that has all changed and the happiness I have found in my transformation extends through to the kind words, loving actions of adoring and respecting My Man!

If the new you could go back and give one piece of advice to the old you before you started State of Slim what would it be?

Advice I give myself … “CHOOSE YOUR HARD!” Losing weight is HARD, living life as a fat person is HARD … CHOOSE YOUR HARD!  I also frequently ask myself the following … “Is TODAY how I want to LIVE between NOW and DEAD?” If it is not, then I do something about it.  These two pieces of advice are invaluable to my living each day as a priority and as if it was my last.