The “BE IN LOVE…” Box

Indulgences That Don’t Derail

Gift boxes come in all shapes and sizes, often filled with indulgences that may derail your weight loss goals. Dr. Holly is creating a series of theme boxes – starting with this BE IN LOVE… box for $175 – filled with lifestyle wellness gifts that help you be your best you!

How It Works



Love is all year- round! Supply us with the information asked, including bill to and send to, and hit the “Buy Now” button, and your box will be on its way.

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Boxes are exclusive (we only have 20). You’ll receive a confirmation email, and we’ll ship asap (orders received by February 5 will arrive by Valentine’s Day).


Let us know who the box is for (yourself or a loved one or both!). Dr. Holly will personalize and sign her handwritten inspirational note just for you. 

Dr. Holly’s


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this BE IN LOVE… box includes Dr. Holly’s hand-picked favorite things to give to yourself (or to a friend). This unique collection of lifestyle wellness treats (move over, chocolate!) helps you BE IN LOVE…with YOU! What’s in each is a SURPRISE (some items have been shared on Facebook recently) and supplies are limited to 20, so get your order in!

“I’m sending out my love in a box with gifts that’ll pamper you, help you reach your 2021 health and wellness goals, and inspire you to love yourself MORE!”

~ Dr. Holly