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State of Slim Winners featured on 9News

The winners of the “State of Slim Campus Challenge” Justin Jaramillo and Debra Trujillo stopped by 9News to talk about their success. Just lost close to 100 pounds while Debra lost more than 25 pounds. Watch the full interview below:

Father and Daughter to be Featured on ABC’s Fourth Season of ‘Extreme Weight Loss’

Jeff Macht and his teenage daughter, Juliana, will be featured in the fourth season of ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’. Unlike “The Biggest Loser,” “Extreme Weight Loss” is not a competition. Each episode follows the story of an obese person (and sometimes a family member) determined to lose weight. The drama lies in whether that person [...]

Colorado Springs Resident Talks with NewsChannel 13

Charita Smit, who will be featured on the 4th season of ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’, stopped by NewsChannel 13 to discuss her journey. Watch the full video, here.

Colorado Springs Resident featured in ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’

Charita Smith, a 32-year-old hairstylist and mother of three from Colorado Springs who works two jobs to support her family, will be featured on the 4th season of ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’. Charita’s goal is to reduce her weight down from 310 pounds, which is considered “dangerously obese” at her 5-foot-6 frame. Read the full [...]

Dr. Holly Wyatt Contributes to

Dr. Holly Wyatt shared her 5 key strategies for making a big life transformation with Dr. Wyatt details why diet and exercise alone won’t help you achieve your big results. Read the full article, here, and learn how to put the 5 strategies in place so that you can achieve your full results.

State of Slim Featured on Colorado Public Radio

Dr. James Hill and Dr. Holly Wyatt were interviewed by CPR’s Andrea Dukakis about the book, State of Slim. Listen to their interview, here.

Active Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers features Dr. James O. Hill

James O. Hill, Ph.D. was a guest on the popular online radio show, Active Aging fo Boom Chicka Boomers. Dr. Hill discusses weight loss with the hosts, Kymberly Williams-Evans and Alexandra Williams, and details how metabolism is key to weight loss. Dr. Hill also offers insightful answers to caller’s questions. Listen to the full podcast, [...]

9 News Coverage: State of Slim: The Finale

DENVER – The goal is to get uncomfortable, and they did in every possible way. They did to achieve something that had become unattainable for years. John, Megan and Julie joined a group of one dozen people within the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, taking on the Colorado Diet. The program is designed to help [...]

HER Radio on RadioMD: State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism on the Colorado Diet

Hill and Wyatt claim that there is proof that you can live like a lean Coloradan anywhere, using those six habits as the foundation for their revolutionary plan, the Colorado Diet. Unlike most diets, this plan focuses on what you need to do for long-term weight maintenance, which is different from what you do to lose weight.

You must repair your metabolism. If you don’t, you can drop pounds, but you won’t keep them off.

HER Radio on RadioMD: Losing to Win: Conquer the Weight Loss War

Dr. James O. Hill, PhD shares his research on how to finally win the war on weight loss and keep the weight off.