James O. Hill, PhD

JimJames O. Hill, PhD is the founding executive director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. He holds the Anschutz endowed chair in health and wellness and is also professor of Pediatrics and Medicine.

Dr. Hill served as chair of the first World Health Organization Consultation on Obesity in 1997 and was president of both The Obesity Society and the American Society for Nutrition. He helped the NIH develop the first US guidelines for the treatment and prevention of obesity.

Dr. Hill has published more than 500 scientific articles and book chapters. Many of these focus on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity in weight management. He is the recipient awards from the TOS, Centrum Center, McCollum and the ASN.

Dr. Hill is a co-founder of the National Weight Control Registry, a registry of individuals who have been successful in maintenance of a reduced body weight. He is co-founder of America on the Move, a national weight gain prevention initiative that aims to inspire Americans to make small changes in how much they eat and how much they move to prevent weight gain.

Holly R. Wyatt, MD

EDJ_3018.NEFHolly R. Wyatt, MD is an associate professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes at the University of Colorado. She is currently a physician and clinical researcher at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC) and is the medical director for the Wellness Clinic.

The AHWC is setting a new global standard for an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to creating real-life solutions for healthy lifestyles, wellness and disease prevention.

Dr. Wyatt has extensive clinical experience in weight reduction using behavioral treatment, dietary therapy, physical activity interventions, weight loss medications and surgery.

She has received both a National Service Research Award and a Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award from the National Institutes of Health to study energy metabolism and metabolic factors associated with weight loss in reduced-obese subjects.