About The Book

Weight-loss experts James O. Hill, PhD and Holly Wyatt, M.D. from the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado describe how to achieve weight-loss success and develop a “Mile-High Metabolism” that keeps weight off.  In the State of Slim you will learn the secrets of the Colorado Mindset – including Finding Motivation, Expecting Success, Making Healthy Decisions, and Creating a Supportive Environment. Three concise phases will lead you to a leaner body and find the energy you have been missing.

  • Reignite your metabolism by reigniting your fat burning engine, you will  lose weight and have more energy.
  • Rebuild your metabolism by training your metabolism to adjust to different fuel sources and lose 20 pounds in just 8 weeks.  
  • Reinforce your metabolism by continuing to lose weight and solidify a new lifestyle and mindset to support your success!

You will learn how to find time for some form of exercise, even if your schedule is jam-packed. You will learn how to conquer cravings, control portion sizes, boost your will power and much more!

With over 40 pages of recipes specifically designed for each phase, daily activity plans, and solutions for every excuse, it is easy to follow this inspiring and effective weight loss program. Just look at the success stories from those who have been on the Colorado Diet!

State of Slim will help anybody who is trying to lose weight and keep it off. Buy your copy now- click here.